The fetch() function is one of the tools JavaScript has to access and manipulate data. It’s a global method on the window object. fetch() allows you to make network requests, similar to . …

For my blog this Mod I wanted to review some of the basics of JavaScript. I’ve found it valuable to return to the information I only learned a few weeks ago in order to refresh the basics.

First a quick introduction:

JavaScript is a programming language that allows you to…

I was trying to explain to my friend what a gem was in Ruby and I realized that while I understood what a gem was, I wasn’t great at teaching it! …

In preparation for project week, I began looking into APIs but found it hard to wrap my head around the definition after staring at labs all weekend.

So let’s break it down into language anyone can understand.

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

In simple language, API is the messenger

Casey Bivens

Software Engineering Student @ Flatiron School

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